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Delia Vetter

As Senior Director of Benefits and Programs, Delia Vetter is responsible for creating and implementing benefits strategy development and execution, providing emerging healthcare technologies leadership, communications, systems, compliance, healthcare analytics, and administration for EMC’s organizations in the United States and Canada.

Since joining EMC Corporation in 1994, Vetter has built a comprehensive benefits program focused on cost-effectiveness, innovative technologies, and health programs. She led the development of a cost containment health management strategy focused on employee consumerism, using leading edge technology to manage employee health and health care dollars, as well as to effect behavior modification.    

Under Vetter’s leadership, EMC was the first employer to provide an employer-sponsored ePersonal Health Record, and its health management strategy has received numerous awards. Actively involved in the healthcare marketplace, Vetter is a sought-after healthcare expert and has consulted employers, state, government, and education agencies looking to replicate EMC programs. She serves on many advisory boards and is a member of several organizations.