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Steve Jacobs

As president of Global BioPharm Solutions Steve acts as a consultant/contractor to biotech and pharmaceutical companies as well as clinical sites and hospitals to provide clinical supply chain solutions and troubleshooting. He creates and implements processes and procedures and does training and coaching to improve and mitigate teamwork, communication, conflict and cultural problems and delays. He has also helped companies improve clinical supplies team dynamics, process efficiencies and overall delivery performance.As president and Global COO of Bilcare, Inc., Steve was responsible for making the global organization a serious end-to-end worldwide clinical supplies company competitor, in the contractor space, for the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. He was also responsible for leading, developing and mentoring the people that reported to him as well as those on his team. The highly skilled and quality oriented people he was privileged to lead were responsible for formulation, analysis, packaging, labeling, IVRS, distribution, reconciliation and destruction of all clinical supplies.

Steve was a member of the JJPR&D (Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Research & Development) global clinical supplies unit (GCSU) in charge of US operations at the Spring House, PA facility. He was responsible for packaging, labeling, distribution and destruction of clinical supplies for international clinical studies. He was involved in numerous global projects, amongst which were: automation of the GCSU processes, global warehousing and distribution and change management.

"This year I am excited to be attending the conference as the topics are current and the case studies, solutions discussed, and tools to use will be of tremendous value to myself and all the attendees," said Steve Jacobs, Chair of the Global Clinical Supplies Group....Full Article »
Typically what I see in pharma and biotech, and I know this is slowly changing, is really internal problems with collaboration, what we actually call silos, and that is where clinical operations doesn’t really talk to clinical supplies or the folks in charge of the IMPs, and this poor communication unfortunately leads to poor planning which also...Full Article »