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Bruno Vanasse

Lt-Col Vanasse joined the Canadian Army Reserves in Feb 1986, as an infantry soldier at Régiment Fusiliers Mont-Royal and was commissioned there in 1988 as an infantry officer. In 1990, he joined the Intelligence Branch. He was the Canadian Battalion intelligence officer in Visoko, Bosnia, from Oct 1993 to May 1994, in UNPROFOR. A year later, he went back to Bosnia, at the UNPROFOR HQ in Sarajevo, as the senior intelligence operations officer, from June to December 1995. Upon his return he took up key responsibilities at 4th Intelligence Company in Montreal, as Trg O, Ops O and DCO. From May 1999 to Aug 2002, he was the first Reserve Commanding Officer (CO) of 4th Int Coy, while the unit received the “Sir William Stephenson” trophy for best intelligence unit in Canada three years in a row.

After completing his command of 4th Int Coy, he concentrated his efforts to create a new Psychological Operations (PSYOPS) capability for the Canadian Forces (CF). He officially stood up the Canadian PSYOPS Capability in January 2004 and was its first CO. In November 2006, he deployed to ISAF HQ in Kabul, Afghanistan. He initiated the mission's first counter-propaganda plan and developed an unconventional counterinsurgency (COIN) approach presented to COMISAF, and thereafter deployed to Kandahar to lead Information Operations plans for Regional Command South, supporting ISAF’s main effort. He was also Deputy Director PSYOPS from January 2004 until August 2009. He currently is a senior staff officer for Land Forces Western Area Headquarters in Edmonton, Alberta.

His expertise on PSYOPS, Info Ops and COIN has been sought for international military conferences, as an invited guest speaker by US Joint Special Operations University, NATO (SHAPE), the Royal Military College of Canada, the Information Operations Europe Conference, the Canadian Forces College, Defence Research & Development Canada, the Canadian Special Operations Regiment, the Institute for Military Operations of the Royal Danish Defence College and CityForum’s Supporting Land Operations 2009 roundtable in London UK.

In civilian life, prior to working full-time in developing PSYOPS for the CF, he worked as a consultant for the HayGroup, an international management-consulting firm, and later as a full-time lecturer in Psychology and Leadership at the Royal Military College of Canada. He graduated with a B.Sc in Psychology and is presently completing his Ph.D thesis in Industrial & Organizational Psychology. He has a passion for travel, foreign cultures and languages, and has visited over 50 countries.