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Monica Barron

Monica is a leading expert on HR technology and HR outsourcing, and currently leads the HR Customer Value Network at SAP. She brings a deep understanding of HR and HRO topics from three different perspectives: her experience in HR marketing and strategy for technology outsourcing suppliers, senior roles in HR research and analysis, and implementation of HR technology and service delivery solutions. In additional to her extensive knowledge of HR technology and outsourcing, she has experience with payroll, benefits, employee development, and HR planning. Monica has been quoted in leading HR publications including HR Executive, Workforce, and HR Magazine.

Previous positions include Vice President, HRO Research for Everest Research Institute; Business Development Lead for Accenture HR Services; Director of HRO Marketing Strategy for Mellon Financial Corporation; Research Director, Human Capital Management for AMR Research; Director of Marketing for SAP; Senior HRO Product Consultant for Fidelity; and Manager of HR Technology for United Technologies Corporation. Monica holds a Bachelor of Arts and MBA from University at Albany.