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Mike Miller

Mike is responsible for working with clients worldwide to develop targeted solutions to the many challenges and opportunities they face, specifically addressing how to improve sales performance, reduce operating costs, and drive higher levels of customer retention by improving satisfaction.


Prior to UTOPY, Mike was Vice President of Customer Care at E-LOAN where he was in charge of the front end sales and service organization for this award winning Internet Lender. While there, he designed and deployed technology that improved sales conversion by 800% and increased revenue by $56 million per year. In that process, he pioneered the use of chat technology and speech analytics to drive sales performance.


Before E-LOAN, he helped build the service infrastructures of SBC Telecom and TiVo, being part of the launch team for both companies. Before this, he was in charge of service strategy and development at Pac Bell Video Services, the western region Bell Operating Company's entrance into video services, where he used superior service quality as the competitive platform to achieve local market dominance and eliminate customer churn. Prior to that, he led service strategy for Viacom Cable and achieved national recognition for conducting the research that linked service quality to customer behavior in the CATV industry.