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Glenn Krauss

Prior to becoming the ExecutiveDirector for the Foundation for Physician Documentation Integrity (FPDI), GlennKrauss spent more than 20 years as a professional in the Health InformationManagement field holding staff and consulting positions in numerous healthcaresystems, including Revenue Systems Manager, Director of Case Management andRevenue Enhancement, Director of Health Information Management, and DataQuality Manager. 

He developed a true passion forimproving clinical documentation in all settings of the healthcare deliverysystem. His decades of experience and working with physicians to improve theirunderstanding of critical points of clinical documentation led him to a deepappreciation of what is necessary and appropriate to accurately and effectivelycapture the physician’s clinical judgment, medical decision making and thoughtprocesses.

Speaking, educating and working one-on-onewith a multitude of physicians facing the challenges of electronicdocumentation systems dependent on templates and canned text—as well asClinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) programs more focused on revenue thanquality—Glenn developed a growing distaste and distrust for systems andprograms that failed to understand that appropriate and full reimbursementcomes most reliably from the same quality documentation focus that drives thebest patient care… that you best support compliance, coding and outcomes bybetter supporting physicians in documenting what occurred and what they werethinking during the patient encounter.

Glenn has previously served on theAdvisory Board of the Association for Clinical Documentation ImprovementSpecialists, as well as the Advisory Board for Advance for Health InformationManagement. He also has conducted numerous speaking engagements at differentprofessional association meetings such as national and state level HFMA and AAHAM,Association for Clinical Documentation Improvement Specialists, HealthcareCompliance Association, Association for Integrity of Healthcare Documentationand teleconferences and webinars that include AHIMA, Lorman EducationalServices, HCPRO, Advance Publications, and Health Care Compliance Strategies.

Glenn has also written extensivelyon subject matter content of clinical documentation improvement, appropriateand proper use of the electronic health record for medical necessity and qualityof care reporting, medical necessity and clinical accuracy in coding for healthcarepublications including HCPRO, Health Leaders, Physician News, Report onMedicare Compliance, Becker’s Healthcare News and Physician News He hasauthored two reference books published by HCPRO, one titled “The DocumentationImprovement Guide to Physician E & M”, and another titled “The ClinicalDocumentation Improvement Specialist’s Guide to ICD-10”. He is presentlyworking on a third publication titled “The Role of the Clinical DocumentationImprovement Specialists in Denials Avoidance - Best Practice Strategy forEffective Revenue Cycle Processes”.

Glenn’s areas of expertise includecoding; clinical documentation Improvement; physician medical necessityeducation; MS-DRGs/ ICD-9-CM/; APCs and CPT-4 coding. He also has extensiveexperience in teaching physiology, surgical procedures and the rationale oftherapeutic treatments with ICD-9 and CPT coding. His ability to help othersconceptualize such complex medical, billing and clinical documentation issueshave proved successful in both quality issues as well as reimbursement.