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Zygmond Turski

Zygmond Turski’s professional career spans over 35 years, mostly devoted to the defense industry. Specializing in the fields of RF/Microwave and Electro-Optics, he headed advance technologies at the Amecom Division of Litton Industries, and later at Loral Corporation as a VP. More recently, he was Director of Communications and Networking at the Sarnoff Corporation. Currently he is president of Synergetix LLC working on the next generation of GaN devices/applications and consulting to the defense industry. Concurrently, he is director of the defense program at OEI Inc. where he uses his vast experience putting together and overseeing a leading-edge engineering training curriculum.

Zygmond holds degrees in Electrical Engineering, has published over twenty technical papers and has over twenty patents, issued and pending. He is a Sr. Life Member of IEEE and a Member of AOC. He can be reached at or by phone at 636 273 9608.