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Regina Au

Regina Au is a Strategic Marketing Consultant at BioMarketing Insight with over 20 years experience in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medical device, and diagnostic industries.  She helps companies evaluate their technology upfront by conducting an in-depth business due diligence to de-risk the product development process.  This ensures that the technology is the right product for the right market in meeting a critical unmet need and that the market potential for the product meets the business goals of the company.  She will translate these unmet needs into a product profile or specification.  Ms. Au then develops marketing strategies to ensure a successful product launch. 

Ms. Au also serves as an advisor for the Massachusetts Technology Transfer Center Platform Meetings with entrepreneurs and has served as a mentor in several organizations' mentoring programs.  Her expertise is in various therapeutic areas such as cardiology, interventional cardiology, infectious disease, immunology, surgery, gastroenterology, and pulmonology.

Prior to BioMarketing Insight she worked for companies such as Merck & Co., Genzyme Corp., NMT Medical, and Radi Medical Systems (now St. Jude Medical) in various positions of increasing responsibility in marketing and sales.  She had P&L responsibility in managing a number of multimillion dollar product lines and has experience in upstream and downstream marketing including strategic marketing, product development, market development, product launches, and product management.

Her background includes an MBA in Marketing from the University of Connecticut, a Microbiology degree from the University of Michigan and a Masters in International Management from Thunderbird School of Global Management.  

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