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James Harris

James Harris has extensive experience within biotech, pharmaceuticals and medical devices with small start-ups, mid-sized and large firms.  Mr. Harris is CEO of Healthcare Economics LLC and co-founder of AS Biotech AG.  Prior to this he served as Vice President at Dragon Pharmaceuticals, Inc. where he was instrumental in the launch and successful market penetration of rh-Erythropoietin (“EPO") in non patented markets and is very well experienced in in-out licensing and business development internationally. Mr. Harris is a participating board member of pharmaceutical companies and has participated extensively as a featured speaker at medical meetings as well as authoring “GCSF and Bioequivalence: “The Emergence of Healthcare Economics” WILEY-VCH, Weinheim, Germany and “Marketing and Globalizing Biosimilars” Journal of Generic Medicines, London, UK.

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has estimated that the United States could save $25 billion from the use of biosimilars over 10 years. In a general sense the term biosimilars refers to follow on biologics or follow on proteins that meet and or satisfy the very high standards often associated with comparability, i.e. safety, efficacy, purity...Full Article »
It is a given fact that more households are wired to the internet and individuals are introduced to an onslaught of information for various venues. The internet is a tool that allows individuals to become educated and empowered on a continuous basis. Given this reality the case can be made for the DTC channel as a necessary tool for many cutting...Full Article »