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Kass Mazagonwalla

Kass Mazagonwalla is a retired Global Director of Manufacturing & Quality Information Systems & Services (IS&S) at General Motors, a post he had held for the past 12 years.

During his time at GM, Mazagonwalla worked in various challenging global roles. Some of these included:

  • As a director for Process Re-Engineering, he was responsible for moving the business to Lean operations by addressing the leadership vision of moving GM to common business processes and common information technology and systems. As part of this effort he developed and implemented a “Four Step Methodology” for integrating business processes and systems.
  • As a director for Joint Ventures and Alliances, Mazagonwalla was responsible for ensuring processes and systems integration for effective partnership.
  • As Quality Director for the Asia Pacific region (China, Korea, Thailand, Australia, India), Mazagonwalla undertook an executive assignment based in South Korea.

 Before joining GM, Mazagonwalla spent over 25 years in management consulting and manufacturing industries. He specialized in Product Development and Introduction, assisting manufacturing companies with business process re-engineering and the development of manufacturing strategies and performance improvement programs to increase their competitive advantage in global markets and significantly move them toward world class business performance.