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John Geenty

As Divisional Director for Defence IQ, John is responsible for the generation, development and execution of over 60 conferences and summits for the defence sector annually. These events provide tailored solutions to each branch of the armed forces and their industry partners, enhancing cooperation, sharing lessons learned and providing clarity on future plans and requirements. Major international gatherings such as Offshore Patrol Vessels, Future Artillery, Information Operations and the International Fighter conference all fall under his remit. John has been in post as Divisional Director since January 2007.

John joined Defence IQ as a Conference Producer in 2005 and produced the division's largest events including Light & Medium Armoured Vehicles in 2006 and 2007 and the annual C4ISTAR conference, Network Centric Warfare Europe.

Prior to Defence IQ John completed his Masters Degree in Intelligence and International Security at the War Studies department of King's College London. He also holds a Bachelors Degree in Politics and International Relations from Lancaster University. His dissertation work has focused upon Royal Navy procurement in the post-war era and an analysis of factors influencing small unit cohesion in combat. He has also had several papers published detailing key projects in Aeronautical and Astronautical history.