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Elie Magdalani

Dr. Elie Magdalani, Regional Manager, Medical and Pharmacovigilance Affairs Egypt and North Africa, Ranbaxy Egypt Limited.

Working in the pharmaceutical field, backed up by 12 years of experience in the medical pharmacovigilance field, publishing many related articles in a specialised pharmaceutical magazine, and conducting relevant trainings on the medical and pharmacovigilance subjects.

As an important arm for pharmacovigilance, recently many voices are raised to consider using clinical trials in the post-marketing surveillance phase and not only depending on non-clinical or experimental methods to study drug safety issues after marketing the drug....Full Article »
We can not separate pharmacovigilance from medication errors, pharmacovigilance had always been concerned with minimizing the risks of adverse drug reactions and medication errors. Pharmacovigilance contributes to the detection and prevention of medication errors, collaboration of all parties will improve the quality of data collected, and...Full Article »
The role of pharmaceutical companies is to decide how to manage the results of an AE signal. Some drug companies develop and prepare the safety programs that are implemented from the moment drugs when enter their product portfolio. Also collecting and analysing data in an advance way is an important tool in drug safety and risk management program...Full Article »
Emerging new safety data may result in an action plan by the pharmaceutical company producing a drug to review its data retrieved during the clinical trail phases and especially in Phase II conducted to demonstrate and assess the product’s safety....Full Article »
Periodic Safety Update Reports (PSURs) are very important pharmacovigilance documents. They provide an opportunity for the pharmaceutical companies to follow up and review the safety profile of their products at defined times, post-marketing, and ensure that the insert leaflets are up to date....Full Article »