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Mark Trump

Mark Trump is a US Naval Veteran with extensive hands-on specialist experience in electronics, nuclear and other complex technologies. Over the last two decades, as a Product Manager he has worked closely with critical infrastructure vendors specializing in high-security physical electronic access and cyber security, and has been a primary technical contact in the design, development and procurement of a wide range of product and solutions for Operational Technology.

Coupled with other experience in the field, both conducting internal and external cyber assessment activities and leading engineering teams performing critical infrastructure asset change-outs, configuration changes and critical security upgrades, he has built up a rich experience of Operational Technology and Industrial Control Systems. Sharing his experience with others, Mark has led and trained engineering teams and worked closely in an advisory capacity with Critical Asset owners while developing assessment methodologies to perform NERC-CIP and NEI 08-09 Cyber Security assessments. He has also, served on the NERC-CIP Revision 5 Draft Committee.