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Paul Burani

Paul Burani began his career in market research, managing Kraft and Nestle accounts for New York-based NPD Group. After participating in the Copenhagen Business School's Innovation and Business Development program in 2004, he began his consulting career with a focus on digital media. In 2006, he guided a Super Bowl-themed YouTube channel into a variety of high profile channels including NBC, AOL, the Wall Street Journal, and the front page of Yahoo! A year later, he founded Clicksharp Marketing to help entrepreneurs use digital media to take on larger competitors and grow their businesses.

In July of 2009, Clicksharp was acquired by London-based Web Liquid Group, bringing enhanced search engine marketing and social media strategy to the agency’s existing capability set. His work has spanned a variety of industries including consumer products, apparel, travel & hospitality, with clients such as Avis, Hilton, LG Electronics, and Paypal.