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Barry Harrison

Barry is a talented professional with a diverse range of skills and experience, with particular expertise in the development of teams.  He also has extensive experience in implementing continuous improvement initiatives and strategic and business planning initiatives. Barry’s demonstrated strong leadership skills and experience, coupled with his ability to work with a range of people, has enabled him to fully understand how to develop a culture of excellence and improvement in organisations and teams.

Alliance Experience
Barry was a key AMT member on the MetWest Alliance in the role of Peak Performance Manager. This role included development and delivery of the Peak Performance Plan, ongoing monitoring of the team status, management of the Alliance coaching program and development, and management and reporting of KRAs and KPIs. Barry’s key achievements at MetWest included:
• Integration of all team members from the parent organisations into one team
• Ongoing monitoring of the team and reporting the results to the AMT and the WPT
• Development and implementation of the KRA process
• Management of the Alliance Coaching and Training program
• Coaching of the WPT members to align on one high performing culture
• Chairing of key program meetings to ensure important outcomes were agreed
• The development and delivery of the MetWellness program
• The writing, compilation and editing of the MetWest Mumbler newsletter

He oversaw all aspects regarding KRAs including chairing and facilitating the regular KRA meetings and the total acceptance of all results (game-breaking and stretch) by the DOT at project end.

Barry’s current role sees him working with and in teams, to assist them to perform at higher levels than the team would have achieved without assistance.