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Andrew Leigh

Andrew Leigh trained as an economist and later worked as a business journalist on The Observer.

For 16 years he was a senior manager running welfare services in the public sector. He launched Maynard Leigh Associates with his co-director Michael Maynard in 1989.

Leigh is author of numerous books and articles on business, dealing with change, teams, leadership and presentations. His most recent books are The Charisma Effect, currently being translated into eight languages and Secrets of Success in Management.

He is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and advises companies on management development, organizational and culture change, and performance improvement in leadership, communication, presentation and coaching.

The core mission of Maynard Leigh Associates is Unlocking People’s Potential and the company has pioneered using ideas from the theatre to create rapid behavioral change and performance improvement within business.

Leigh has a particular interest in culture change, leadership, and teams and writes a regular HR blog at