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Rip Stauffer

An internationally recognized professional, Rip Stauffer brings to every client organization a wealth of knowledge and experience in continuous improvement. The founder of Woodside Quality Solutions LLC, Stauffer uses his extensive experience in Total Quality and Six Sigma to educate and counsel all levels from the boardroom to the line, driving strategic success and delivering exceptional results. He has specific experience in government, manufacturing, medical devices, financial services and healthcare organizations. He has saved these organizations hundreds of millions of dollars.

Stauffer is a Senior Member of the American Society for Quality, and is a Certified Quality Engineer, Certified Manager of Quality and Organizational Excellence, and Certified Six Sigma Black Belt. He is also a member of the ASQ Statistics Division and a contributing member of the W. Edwards Deming Institute.

Stauffer holds an MS in applied statistics from California State University and a BS from Regents College. He is a faculty member at Walden University, teaching graduate and undergraduate business statistics courses and international business courses. Currently a Ph.D. candidate in Walden’s Advanced Management and Decision Sciences School, he is specializing in Leadership and Organizational Change. An exceptional, truly passionate presenter who offers entertaining and unique insights into all aspects of Quality, Lean and Six Sigma, Stauffer is a frequent speaker at national and international conferences.