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Les Moeller is a Vice President with Booz & Company and leads the firm’s North American Consumer & Retail Practice. Moeller has 18 years of consulting experience and 22 years of experience in the consumer products industry. His primary areas of expertise are sales and marketing, trade promotion effectiveness, and the development of new business models to drive growth and reduce costs. Moeller’s extensive experience with Trade Promotion Excellence includes identifying over $200 million in pricing and promotion effectiveness for a leading food manufacturer, redesigning the trade funding and planning process for a major packaged goods manufacturer, developing a regional pricing and marketing process for a major food company resulting in trade spending savings and their first profitable quarter after six months of loss. Moeller also led the integration of trade promotion management capabilities following the merger of two consumer products companies by developing predictive models and implementing improved processes, organization and systems. Previously, Moeller led the firm’s global sales and marketing service offering. Moeller received an A.B. cum laude in Philosophy from Harvard College.