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Richard Hanks

Richard D. Hanks is the President of Mindshare Technologies, the leading provider of real-time, automated customer and employee feedback solutions, including EFM. Mindshare's business monitoring tools help companies improve operational excellence and minimize customer attrition through personal customer involvement. Its proprietary survey technology captures the voice of the customer in real-time and immediately transforms it into actionable intelligence through powerful and incisive enterprise reporting. As a hosted system, Mindshare is affordable and flexible, with surveys and reports tailored to fit a company’s individual needs. For more information please visit: and

Hanks’ experience spans multiple industries and disciplines, including many years as an adjunct professor at Cornell. He is a frequent teacher/speaker at trade, academic and professional gatherings, and the author of Delivering and Measuring Customer Service. To reach Hanks directly, contact him at or (801) 263-2333.