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Wendy Sutton
“Eight years ago I’d never even heard the term caregiver,” says Wendy Sutton. “We don’t identify ourselves as caregivers, we simply see ourselves as daughters, sons, husbands, wives, mothers and fathers. We are the invisible alternative level of care providers. “
“My mother wasn’t a burden to me but her dementia became a burden for both of us. We thought we were prepared. Mom’s legal and financial affairs were in order. As it turned out we had no idea what we would need to know. “
Sutton was stunned by the resistance and barriers she and her mother encountered. “Most of what I learned, I learned from a crisis or by chance and I learned it too late to help my mom.”   
Hoping to share what she learned with others who are caring for aging parents, Sutton began teaching workshops. She also created the website, Where Next: A Path for Caregivers, a one-stop shop for information and resources that support caregivers of seniors in Manitoba. ”I’m not prepared to sit on the sidelines and wait for someone else to bring resources to caregivers. I can make a difference now.” 
Wendy Sutton has served on the following Manitoba provincial committees: 
Manitoba Caregiver Coalition Steering Committee
Caregiver Recognition Day Committee
Caregiver Advisory Committee, an advisory body to the Minister of Healthy Living and Seniors