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Addie and Greg founded Pro vs. GI Joe in June 2007 to give back to our military men and women in a truly unique, fun, and interactive way! Like many Americans, they are a military family who personally understand the sacrifices service members and their families make, especially now! Addie is a Staff Sergeant in the U.S. Army Reserve and has served two tours of duty in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, from 2003-2004 and most recently from 2007-2008.
Although Greg is not in the military, he feels those who don't wear the uniform have an obligation to give back and support those who do. His way of doing it (typical guy!) is through video game competitions with the pros! Greg played football at West Virginia University and knows first-hand that athletes love to get on the sticks. And since Addie has spent a lot of time with troops during her two combat deployments in Iraq, she knows that all branches of the armed forces also like to play. Greg put the two together - thinking it would be a fantastic way for our GI Joes to unwind and for the PROS to say "thanks" - and came up with Pro vs. GI Joe!