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Steve Chriest

Steve Chriest is a well-respected management and sales consultant who specializes in helping organizations develop comprehensive sales processes that integrate strategy, training, sales tools and management systems to improve revenue generation.

Chriest draws on more than 25 years of experience in senior management, sales management, marketing and business development to produce strategic, customized solutions designed to elevate selling organizations into appreciating corporate assets. He works with national and international senior executive and sales teams across a wide variety of industries.

Chriest is a founding partner of Selling-Up, a San Francisco-based sales development consulting firm. He developed Selling-Up’s exclusive Sales Management Operating System™ and is co-author and publisher of the Sales Journal, a quarterly sales strategy publication for an E-suite audience. Chriest is also responsible for creating Selling-Up’s most popular educational offerings, including online courses such as Five Minute Financial Analyst, Basic Finance and Analysis Tools for Non-Accountants.

Chriest recently completed his first book, Selling The E-Suite: The Proven System For Reaching and Selling Senior Executives, in which he translates his experiences as a CEO into a practical guide for selling to senior executives. Chriest can be reached at