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Nicholas Garbis

Nicholas Garbis is a Senior Consultant on the Member Services team at Infohrm, providing strategic and analytics support for organizations at all stages of the workforce analytics and planning journey.

Garbis brings extensive experience in business intelligence, HR technology, scorecard and report design and advanced analytics. Prior to joining Infohrm, Garbis worked for a major retail organization, where he launched a global Workforce Analytics and Planning function, delivering metrics technology, scorecards, statistical analyses, staffing forecasts and ROI estimates.

Garbis leads Infohrm’s Retail Industry Consortium, which provides benchmarks, best practices and dialogue for Workforce Analytics & Planning professionals in the retail sector. He also leads a regional networking group called the Twin Cities Workforce Analytics, Reporting, and Planning Partnership (TC-WARPP) that brings together HR leaders, analysts and consultants for networking and thought leadership.