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Al Adamsen

Al Adamsen, Founder and Managing Partner of People-Centered Strategies, LLC, is a distinguished consultant and sought after speaker in the areas of talent management, leadership development, workforce analytics, and workforce planning. Adamsen has worked and spoken around the world on these topics. He’s also created and implemented innovative ways of aligning HR strategies to the economics of a business and testing the relationships with predictive models. Adamsen works to fill the critical, yet under-developed niche of integrating and holistically addressing the full employee life cycle. In doing so he and his collaborators help leaders successfully meet the ever-increasing challenges associated with attracting and developing key talent, as well as ensuring that talent drives desired business outcomes.

Prior to founding PCS, Adamsen worked with leading companies such as Charles Schwab, Ernst & Young, and Gap Inc. At Gap Inc. Adamsen was responsible for HR metrics & reporting, employee surveys and workforce analytics. Since then he has worked with such companies as Starbucks, Luxottica Retail, Sears Canada, Safeco and Tektronix to name a few.  Supporting Adamsen’s experience is his background and academic work in Recruiting, Human Resources, I/O Psychology and ERP and HR technologies. Adamsen holds an Economics degree from the University of California, Davis as well as a Masters degree in HR and Organizational Development.