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Rowan Gibson

Rowan Gibson is a global business strategist, a bestselling author and an expert on radical innovation. His last book Rethinking The Future (Nicholas Brealey Publishing) is an international best-seller, published in over 20 languages, which has sold hundreds of thousands of copies worldwide.

Over the last two decades, Gibson's international clients have included some of the world’s largest and most successful organizations. He teaches them how to seize new growth opportunities, create new markets and even transform industries by recalibrating their whole organizational system around the paradigm of innovation.

Gibson is a popular keynote speaker with an upbeat presentation style. His big-picture insights, compelling observations and fresh business thinking have impressed a wide range of audiences in countless countries. He mixes insight, inspiration and information in a way that always leaves an audience feeling energized.

Gibson's books, articles, interviews and columns have been widely read around the globe. He has been interviewed extensively on television and radio, as well as in the international press. He has also appeared in several business documentaries.

Gibson’s new book Innovation to the Core has been published in March 2008 by Harvard Business School Press. Co-authored with Peter Skarzynski (CEO of Strategos, the consulting firm founded by renowned strategy guru Gary Hamel). The book explains how to build and sustain a company-wide innovation capability.