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Aroon Tungare

As Director in the Physical and Digital Realization Research Lab and a Motorola Dan Noble Fellow, Dr. Aroon Tungare is responsible for short range communications and cognitive sensing technologies research. He directs multi-disciplinary research teams located in the United States, Germany and South Korea focused on developing the node and network hardware, middleware, and software that will enable ubiquitous deployment of sensor nodes that are wirelessly networked with one another. His team also focuses on making Motorola handheld devices the smart gateways to sensor networks and hosts for compelling applications and services.

Aroon helped establish, and currently leads, the Motorola Labs Things-to-Things Research Center in Seoul, South Korea, as well as a four-year joint research program with the Electronics & Telecommunications Research Institute in Daejeon, South Korea. Aroon additionally serves a staff role as “Partnership Development Manager,” and coordinates research conducted by Motorola Labs for Motorola’s Mobile Devices business. During his tenure at Motorola, Aroon has successfully shepherded multiple technologies from research through commercialization.