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Elizabeth Carey

As today’s businesses face a fiercely competitive market and the challenge of retaining top talent, leadership coach Liz Carey’s goal is to strengthen the financial viability of organizations who recognize the value of strong leaders by helping their key employees realize their true leadership potential and elevate their performance levels.

Thanks to her extensive background in people development, Carey has cultivated natural coaching instincts and a high rate of success. A certified Marshall Goldsmith Coach with expertise in various 360 tools, she focuses on developing leaders for long-term ROI, maximizing the potential investment of key talent and creating coaching cultures within organizations. Carey takes a unique, tailored approach by assessing existing strengths and limitations, then encouraging authentic, more resonant leadership behaviors. In her role as an expert facilitator and corporate advisor, Carey partners with highly productive leaders and teams who are looking to:

  • refine leadership skills and behaviors
  • shift to a more positive and productive environment that impacts the bottom line
  • encourage dynamic and productive work groups
  • create programs that target leadership development and retention of key talent

Her self-awareness tools and techniques are designed to help individuals discover their own inherent leadership skills and develop effective long-term solutions that enhance the organization’s culture and business results. With Carey’s guidance, leaders soon find themselves able to:

  • improve existing leadership strengths and maximize these strengths
  • identify “limiting habits”
  • create full awareness of how these “habits” impact other people and the business results
  • develop practical leadership tools that promote positive leadership behaviors

Her 15 years of experience in human resources for dynamic corporate industries, including technology, legal and consumer package goods, has allowed Carey to refine her expertise in fast-paced, fast-developing business landscapes. She is frequently sought as an expert speaker on authentic leadership development and leadership coaching for various human resources conferences and seminars. Carey’s academic credentials also include a B.S. in psychology and women Studies and an M.S. in human resources management and counseling.