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Gawayne Mahboubian-Jones
Gawayne Mahboubian-Jones currently works for Philip Morris International as Program Manager – Excellence in Science and Design. His primary responsibilities in this role are the implementation of QbD and PAT. Gawayne’s initial degree work was in Electronics and Physics, followed by doctoral work studying Bioelectronic membrane models. Since then he has worked in a variety of industry sectors, mainly applying complex instrumentation to the design and control of complex processes. Prior to joining PMI earlier this year, he worked for 7 years for Optimal Industrial Automation, providing PAT solutions to a wide range of pharmaceutical companies. He has trained the FDA PAT inspectors on control aspects of PAT, repeatedly spoken for the FDA on the subjects of PAT and QbD, and has worked extensively with ASTM E55 to create international standards to support the application of PAT.