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Barbara Trautlein

Barbara founded Change Catalysts twenty years ago and continues to serve as its principal.  She is a highly respected consultant, best practice researcher, international speaker, and published author.  She applies her wide-ranging consulting experience to lead impactful and meaningful transformations.  Barbara has provided consulting and coaching services to all levels of leaders at several Fortune 50 client corporations as well as at small- to mid-sized organizations; managed long-term engagements with clients in industries spanning from steel to healthcare; and led strategic change, culture and workforce development initiatives at headquarters, manufacturing and retail sites.  She has been invited to make presentations, conduct workshops, and chair conference sessions not only in North America but also in Latin America, Asia, and Africa.  Barbara is a catalyst for powerful change in the lives of others, and she has developed the company around parallel catalysts that she has used successfully with dozens of firms over two decades.