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Medical 3D Printing Capabilities

Join us online this December, along with the world’s leading medical device manufacturers as we create an online community aimed at addressing the regulatory and technical challenges surrounding 3D printing, both in the current climate and beyond.

Covid-19 has highlighted how the manufacturing of medical devices can be hampered by a combination of long term service agreements, in-flexible off-shore manufacturing, standards and certification, as well as competing global demand. However, it has also thrown the spotlight on to Additive Manufacturing as a viable method for the rapid and distributed manufacture of key products and components, as well as it’s potential to integrate with digital technologies. It’s for this reason that the Additive Manufacturing for Medical Devices Forum was created, to bring together the industry to collaborate, share information, and work together as we aim to advance the use of 3D printing for all medical devices – from orthopaedic and cranial implants, to surgical instruments, dental restorations, and external prosthetics.

Whether you’re working with polymers or metals, if you’re looking to improve your design freedom, create better prototypes for training and testing, design and create more complex designs or manufacture customisable parts quickly, then this is your opportunity to meet with industry peers as well as resource and application providers to discover new strategies and solutions.

Not just academic in focus, the event will provide content that can tangibly help the 3D printer users exploit the performance gains and economic returns that this process offers. This emerging technology will improve patient outcomes and create more efficient and cost-effective practices, so it’s key at these early adoption stages that the medical device industry comes together to share insights, experiences ad best practices to support each other move the industry forward.

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