Serialize, Integrate and Streamline Your Data Effectively with Industry and Government Partners. 

Counterfeiting of drugs remains a pressing issue to the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry. Counterfeits not only pose a great risk to patient health, but are also damaging to product quality and brand integrity. The mounting pressure of present and future serialization and interoperability requirements, as well as, the complexity of supply chains, requires an in-depth understanding of regulatory frameworks, and effective coordination and data management across the networks of manufacturers, distributors, and wholesalers.

To combat these challenges, the 8th Pharma Anti-Counterfeiting and Brand Protection Summit convenes leaders across industry and government.  The Summit explores issues ranging from compliance in 2019 and 2023, big data and digital, integration of systems and processes, the use of alternative technologies, and coordinating effectively with government and law enforcement.

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Key 2019 Takeaways


Developing your serialization and compliance strategy for DSCSA, EU FMD, and global regulations


Addressing the data challenge of interoperability, and Readying yourself for compliance


Understanding the coordination challenge, and Coordinating effectively with law enforcement and regulators


Safeguarding your products and brand from counterfeiting- Establishing brand protection plans and understanding risks and ROI


Assessing the e-commerce challenge and Countering cybercrime 


Tracking your products along the supply chain, and Assessing your needs for authentication, track- and trace, and labeling technology and solutions


Addressing the information and data challenge of interoperability, and Readying yourself for compliance


Discovering the opportunity of emergent technology in securing your supply chain and protecting your products from diversion 


Streamlining your data, systems and processes to test and track your products along the supply chain


Implementing your Corporate Security and Anti-Counterfeiting Program- Aligning security efforts