The Growing Danger of Online Pharmacies: A Look at the Largest Counterfeit Seizure of 2018

The proliferation of online pharmacies has made it easier than ever for counterfeit medications to reach wider audiences. Ahead of the summit, we took a look at INTERPOL's largest counterfeit seizure in 2018. This year's Pangea enforcement operation, which took place October 9-16, focused on taking down rogue online pharmacies. Over the course of those seven days, police, customs, and health regulatory authorities from 116 countries worked together to combat the illicit online sale of medicines and medical products.

Download this infographic to learn:

  • Global highlights from this year's operation
  • Operation highlights from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration
  • Counterfeiting trends deducted from this year's Pangea enforcement operation
  • And much more!

Heat Map: The Prioritization of Anti-Counterfeiting Measures in Developing Countries

Developing countries are the worst affected from counterfeit pharmaceuticals, regulatory structures are weaker and measurement and oversight is difficult. According to the World Health Organization, an estimated 1 in 10 medical products in low- and middle-income countries is substandard or falsified. This heat map specifically focuses in on the largest counterfeiting markets: Africa, China, and India. Download this map to learn about the latest advancements developing countries have taken in 2017 to combat anti-counterfeiting and which country needs to start making it a priority.