Data is the new currency of success and we cannot afford to keep relying on company reputation to stand
out. We need to be smart, agile and personalised in order to unlock the potential and value of our data!

Let’s be honest, the future of the Pharmaceutical Industry lies in overcoming barriers to innovation through advances in data analytics. We need to move past the challenge of unstructured data sets and integrating data from multiple sources to begin to work collaboratively with other departments and organisations and create a real world evidence framework for our pharmaceutical development through effective data utilisation.

Last September, industry leaders from key pharma companies like Janssen, BERG, AstraZeneca, Novartis & GSK came together to share their insights into the role of data analytics, discussing tangible method for data optimisation, and translating this into real world strategies.

In 2019, we'll be re-grouping to further the discussions. Do you want to be pert of the conversation? If you're an Industry Innovator trying to advance your company’s data utilisation, we can't you involved!  We all know that Data Analytics, or ‘Big Data’ is not new to the Industry, but this year’s Data Analytics for Pharma Development forum will ensure that you are at the forefront of innovative industry discussion and process excellence strategies.


Why Attend

Case Study Led 

All of our speaker sessions are case-study driven and led by experts working in the industry. This means we're not just working with theory - expect real-life examples and shared experience. 


Roundtable Discussions

Discuss with your peers how best to tackle the challenges of implementing RWD and A.I. Focus is on turning theory and multiple different strategies into practical processes you can take away and implement.


Interactive Panel Sessions

Have a question or challenge you're facing that needs specific attention? Ask the speaker! Our sessions are 100% interactive, giving you the opportunity to deep dive into the challenges you're facing and find a solution.


Focus on concrete strategy you can implement

All the sessions you attend are grounded in the knowledge that the strategies and concepts being discussed need to be applicable in the real world and adapted into existing systems.


2018 Featured Speakers

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2019 Headline Topics

Data Strategy

Define your data strategy in order to increase productivity and ROI

Advanced Analytics

Drive your R&D productivity to new heights through complete data integration and cross-organisational data utilisation

Real World Data

Build a commercialisation plan into your development process and demonstrate the value of your products to multiple stakeholders with Real World Data insight 

Digital Health

Learn how to utilise Data Analytics to Advance Personalised Medicine

Machine Learning and AI

Analyse why machine learning should be implemented in your processes


Ensure authenticity and eradicate fraudulent modification of data


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