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How Does Your Companies Manufacturing Strategy Compare?

"The Global Cell And Gene Therapy Market Is Estimated To Be Worth More Than £35Billion By 2026” – Are Your Processes Market Ready?
With the past year seeing Kite Therapeutics and Novartis make headlines for their groundbreaking therapeutic approvals, and a host of innovative biotech companies quickly advancing their production towards commercialisation, the Cell and Gene industry is rapidly transforming the standard of care for rare diseases and critical conditions.
While there is a huge opportunity for industry growth, ever present challenges surrounding raw material selection and qualification, regulatory compliance, systems scalability and closed system processing prove barriers to achieving efficient commercial manufacturing scale.
Given the number of critical process challenges, the annual Cell and Gene Therapy Manufacturing Forum is the industries dedicated forum to address their process development, technical adoption and manufacturing challenges. With presentations on improving cost efficiency, innovative strategies for commercialisation, achieving optimised manufacturing scalability and maintaining GMP compliance, this year’s iteration is one not to be missed!

Focused Solely On Optimising Your Cell and Gene Manufacturing Process and Networks

Based on 25+ in-depth industry research calls, this year’s agenda is designed to address your biggest ATMP based production challenges in one leading manufacturing specific platform

Join a curated program taking you from translation and collaboration to ensuring GMP compliance and optimising scalability– this year’s forum is your one stop shop for building manufacturing capabilities that are compliant, efficient and commercial

Get involved in the industries most interactive conference  that ensures you can leverage the insights and expertise of every session to leave with answers and strategies for all of your biggest manufacturing and process development challenges

Optimise Every Facet Of Your Manufacturing Strategy

With sessions on industry collaboration, academic translation, raw materials selection and qualification and achieving scalable manufacturing processes for allogenic and autologous therapies, your hands on, daily challenges are addressed through a series of the industries leading case studies and interactive thought exchanges

Gain a holistic industry perspective from the academic environment through to big pharma companies, with case studies shared from Novartis, Novo Nordisk, GammaDelta Therapeutics, Celyad and UCL among others

Engage in our GMP compliance training day to ensure that your process development optimisation does not come at the cost of process compliance.  

Building Awareness, Opportunity and Tangible Takeaways

This event is tightly focused on networking, industry analysis, technology adoption and learning opportunities for the cell and gene industries leading experts

All attendees participate actively across the full forum, with case studies, think tanks, brainstorming sessions, tech demonstrations and panel discussions  – generating unparalleled industry engagement and product development opportunities 

Join the industry's only manufacturing focused forum  and engage in a conversation unlike any other. Where industry updates and daily challenges meet industry brainstorming and solution adoption

2019 Speakers:

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