Building the Future of Cell and Gene Therapy Development Post Covid-19

Here at Pharma iQ we know the value of community and connections - they are what our whole business is built upon. Whilst the current global environment is challenging, we remain comitted to supporting you by finding ways to bring the industry together, encourage engagement and promote discussion.

We are therefore delighted to announce that our inaugural Cell and Gene Therapy Webinar will take place from 7-8 July. This online forum focuses on those innovative, industry-leading companies who are pivoting their process development and manufacturing strategies to drive clinical development and sustain regulatory compliance for cell and gene therapies.

Discussions will cover the end-to-end development lifecycle, with a particular focus on how the current climate of uncertainty is forcing positive change and flexibility for the industry. This first of its kind webinar will share expert guidance, solutions, and strategies to help you adapt your role and processes, and to ensure that you overcome the challenges of right now to accelerate clinical development, foster an agile business culture and - ultimately - continue developing your life saving therapies.

Focused On Communication and Collaboration Under Covid-19

The Cell and Gene Therapy forum is going digital! We know how important it is to continue the communication and collaboration our annual forum has brought about in the Cell and Gene industry, but times are changing and we need to change with them. This is why our 2020 iteration will be Digital and Development focused.

Join a curated program taking you from translation and collaboration to ensuring GMP compliance and optimising scalability– this year’s forum is your one stop shop for building manufacturing capabilities that are compliant, efficient and commercial

Join a curated program taking you from adapating your development strategies, mitigating against production and capacity delays as well as effectively collaborating and communicating with stakeholders under Covid-19. This year's digital discussion is your one stop shop for building process development and manufacturing capabilities that are compliant, commercial and operate in the Covid-19 landscape.

Challenge Focused and Solutions Minded

Get involved in an industry-first webinar focused on how the Cell and Gene industry is adapting to Covid-19. Two days of industry discussion will focus on sharing practical insights and tested strategies in every session to ensure you leave with answers and strategies to optimise your companies response to Covid-19.

With case studies from across the industry focusing on industry collaboration, academic translation, raw materials management and scalable manufacturing processes and supply chain optimisation in light of Covid-19, the industry's most pressing challenges are addressed through a series of expert presentations and interactive thought exchanges.

Gain a holistic industry perspective from the academic environment through to big pharma companies, with case studies shared from Bone Therapeutics, Novo Nordisk, GammaDelta Therapeutics, ADVA Bio and UCL among others.

Building Awareness, Opportunity and Collaboration

This webinar is tightly focused on open discussion, industry analysis, partnership formation and learning opportunities for the cell and gene industry's leading experts.

All attendees can participate actively across the full webinar, with case studies, round tables and panel discussions - generating unparalleled industry engagement and partnership development opportunities. 

Join the industry's first Cell and Gene Therapy Development focused Webinar and engage in a conversation unlike any other. Where industry updates and current challenges meet industry brainstorming and solution adoption.

2020 Speakers:

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