Cell and Gene Therapy: European Heatmap 2019:

Cell and Gene Therapy: European Heatmap 2019:

Back by popular demand, the 2019 industry heatmap provides a high level overview of the latest developments in the European novel therapy manufacturing space across The United Kingdom, Belgium, Greece and Switzerland, among others

With the 2018 commercialisation of prominent Autologous therapies such as KITEs Yskarta and Novartis’ Kymriah in the global market, more and more companies are beginning to move towards commercially based products. Yet despite these unquestionable industry growths, challenging issues can hinder – and even halt – groundbreaking progress in its tracks. There are still no established routes to market and with continuous changes in regulatory requirements across different global markets achieving any form of standardisation is difficult.

Download this free resource to gain valuable insights on some of the biggest challenges:

  • globalising production and commercialisation
  • scalability
  • cost efficiency
  • regulatory pathways
  • supply and logistics

Joining this year’s curated programme will take you through a series of sessions from translation and collaboration to ensuring GMP compliance and optimising scalability. This year’s forum is also your one-stop shop for:

  • Building manufacturing capabilities that are compliant, efficient and commercial
  • Engaging in our GMP compliance training day to ensure that your process development optimisation does not come at the cost of process compliance
  • Hearing from 18+ industry experts to benchmark your manufacturing practices and taking home industry leading solutions
  • Optimising your manufacturing processes from end-to-end with topics covering every stage of the manufacturing process
  • Helping to plan for your transition towards manufacturing at scale to ensure that your next therapy is market ready
  • Gaining a practical understanding of data integrity issues and how it relates to manufacturing
  • Exploring how to best identify, reduce and prevent potential data integrity breaches

To find out more information on the sessions, download the full agenda of the conference here. To request a copy to be sent via email, please click here.

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