Cell and Gene Therapy: Heatmap and Industry Update 2019

Cell and Gene Therapy: Heatmap and Industry Update 2019

With many therapies advancing to later clinical trial phases and moving even closer to commercialisation, Pharma IQ have created an industry report overview of the key European cell and gene therapies, pinpointing  the stage of research or development.  Some of the biggest challenges to commercialise include quality assurance, quality by design, scalability and cost efficiency, but there is no doubt that the competitive nature of this industry only further enhances these challenges. Using an interactive list, the industry report summaries these key topics and aims to evaluate strategies developed by leading experts to provide you with the best tips on how to overcome the hurdles of commercalisaion

Additional key benefits of downloading the report:

  • Evaluation of the global trend for expansion
  • Predictions from the FDA commissioner of where cell and gene therapy products will be by 2025
  • Summary of the commercalisation progress of advanced therapy trials 

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