Manufacturing Cell and Gene Therapy Products – The Revolution Is Here!

"The Global Cell And Gene Therapy Market Is Estimated To Be Worth Between £9 to £14 Billion Per Year By 2025”

The race towards commercialisation of cell and gene products has already begun. Where technology innovations are pathing the way towards the development of these products, challenges surrounding scale up and closed system processing highlight areas that need our focus so that cell and gene therapy products can be produced on an industrial scale

The Cell and Gene Therapy Manufacturing Forum is the only conference that is 100% dedicated to focusing on development of manufacturing processes for these products. With presentations on improving cost efficiency, innovative strategies for commercialisation as well as closed system processing, optimised manufacturing scheduling and maintaining GMP compliance, this forum is one that is not to be missed!

Most Industry Lead Programme To Date

  • Hear case studies from pharma and biotech companies of all sizes who have first hand experience in CGT manufacturing and want to help drive your development forward
  • Join 'hot topic' round table discussions to deep dive into practical approaches to key industry challenges and allow you to engage with your peers to brainstorm new solutions
  • Engage with every speaker in our inbuilt Q&A time following every presentation that ensures you get answers to every one of those burning questions


Expand Your Knowledge And Networking

  • Through our case studies, breakout sessions and targeted Q&A, you will be able to analyse how other companies are overcoming key hurdles in their move towards clinical and commercial development
  • Join our networking drinks reception and our ‘in depth’ focus day to get more one on one time with your peers and colleagues so that you build a strong network to support your next steps
  • Learn more about the topics being discussed at this through a variety of white papers and articles published in our resource centre


Unlike Any Other Event or Tradeshow

  • This event is tightly focused on networking, business development, and learning opportunities for senior executives
  • We encourage you to actively participate in the forum, through the different learning and networking platforms
  • We encourage you to actively participate in the forum, through the different learning and networking platforms


2018 Speakers Include:

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Attend This Forum To:

Determine what needs to be considered when moving from the research stage to commercial production, identifying the opportunities and challenges in ATMP

Look at the different challenges surrounding both open and closed system processing and identify the best approach to enhancing your system

Understand the best method for improving logistics and product stability at the final stages of the bio manufacturing process allowing you to start creating the optimal system

Study what the opportunities and barriers are when looking to scale up production allowing you to plan ahead for your manufacturing process

Scrutinise ways of improving manufacturing flexibility and cost efficiency in your manufacturing process and establish ways of moving towards a continuous bioprocess

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