Terttu Haring

Global Head for Clinical Digital Innovation Sanofi

Within the Sanofi platform for Clinical Sciences & Operations, Terttu Haring leads a small team focused on delivering digital innovations to the development portfolio, across all departments. Her experience in Clinical development is built on different roles she has had over the past 20 yrs: principal investigator in a clinical research centre, therapeutic director in a CRO, country and regional head for clinical study units in Sanofi and global head for Trial Operations (including data management) in Sanofi. She graduated from Maastricht University in the Netherlands as a Medical Doctor and spent several years in surgery and Ob/Gyn clinics before joining the pharmaceutical clinical development ecosystem.

Leveraging her experience as a physician and PI, the wellbeing of patients and the support of investigators in trials has been a driving force in Terttus work in the industry. With the development and implementation of digital innovations along the development journey she aims to make clinical trials ready for the future – a mission that has gained urgency as the global pandemic has propelled the health care industry into the 21st century in unprecedented ways.

Clinical Trial Design Agenda

Thursday, December 10th, 2020


  • How to leverage digital innovations for strategy, operations and patient engagement of your compound development plans
  • What questions to ask and answer at which time-points in your planning, 
  • How to assess the impact on productivity, pace and patient centricity with your digital innovation