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linical Trial Innovation Asia Summit (5-6 December 2018, Singapore) is the first and only clinical trial event focusing on digital innovation in APAC. It will deliver 8 real Case Studies from big pharma organisations, regulators and CROs who have implemented the technology. 

Download the Article - How Advanced Technology Is Transforming Clinical Trials

Clinical trials play an important part in bringing life saving drugs to market. The processes and protocol design are in desperate need of an overhaul to improve patient experience which is where advances in technology come in. Through the use of AI, machine learning and data analytics, the trials processes are slowly but surely improving. Here we explore how the advancement of technology is helping to transform the clinical trial process.

Download the Report - How To Achieve Patient Centricity in Clinical Trials

Patient centricity is becoming increasingly important for companies as well as individual practitioners in the health care industry. By putting the patient at the very heart of the clinical trial process – from diagnosis, to study treatment and post-treatment support – leading providers are able to optimise the cost, quality and outcome of the care they offer, facilitating clinical trial participation for patients.

To discover more on how to improve patient centricity, read our interview with Emily Tan, Corporate Vice President and enterprise Account Leader of PAREXEL.

In this report, we discuss

1. PAREXEL’s approach to patient-centricity;

2. Their outcomes; and

3. How they support patients throughout their trial journey. 

Download the content - Is the Clinical Trial System Broken?

With the advancement of technology, tangible changes has been made in clinical Trials to reduce time, cost, improve the patient recruitment and increase the patient retention. Yet there also remains challenges when it comes to project management. Here we bring you six key steps to take to ensure clinical trial success.

View the content - Artificial Intelligence: A Step Forward in Clinical Trials

By 2021, the global use of artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare is expected to achieve a CAGR of 42 percent – a rapid adoption rate. Are you ready for that?

View the content - Artificial Intelligence is Poised to Transform Clinical Trial Recruitment

How will Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning impact the future of clinical trial recruitment? Read this article to get a picture of clinical trials innovations. 

View the content - Improving Pharma R&D Efficiency: The Case for a Holistic Approach to Transforming Clinical Trials

The challenges most frequently cited in clinical Trials are patient enrollment, site start-up and regulatory approval delays and changes. This paper propose a three-part framework for addressing them that leverages key emerging technologies

and capabilities. To explore more on these challenges, join us in Clinical Trials Innovation Asia Summit (5-6 December 2018, Singapore), and have a conversation with leaders in this field. 

View the content - The Power of AI to Transform Clinical Trials

Artificial intelligence (AI) technology, combined with big data, hold the potential to solve many key clinical trial challenges. Read this blog to find out more information on Clinical Trials Transformation.