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Clinical Trial Supply 2020 Infographic

Ahead of the Clinical Trial Supply Forum, Pharma IQ surveyed leading industry professionals to understand how to build a lean and compliant global supply chain that decreases costs across the trial life-cycle, with a specific focus on new digital solutions.

IQPC Virtual Events Media Kit

Grow your business with our enhanced content and networking opportunities online. For over 10 years IQPC’s digital team have been providing unique and premium content to our online communities to help expand business, learning and networking opportunities beyond just the physical events. Through our vast online communities you are able...


Brexit preparation: Ensuring your Clinical supply continues

Pharma Logistics IQ sat down with Paul O'Connor, Global Vice President Quality, Almac who are a sponsor of the Clinical Trial Supply Forum, to talk about the potential effects of Brexit on the industry and how ALMAC is preparing for these changes.

Improving clinical trial supply through innovative supply chain platforms: Challenges and opportunities

Clinical trials are on the rise and new designs such as adaptive clinical trials are emerging, requiring flexibility and transparency and forcing pharma companies to re-assess their approach to their supply chain to adapt to these changes. Ahead of the Clinical Trial Supply Forum, we sat down with one of...

Industry Insights

Innovative Data Strategies to Drive Enrolment and Enhance the Conduct of Clinical Trials

Data and technology can enhance the quality and increase both the speed and accuracy of the information collected during the clinical trial process. Information gathered can be routed into a Electronic Data Collection System (EDC), this data can then be captured far quicker and more reliably, compared to paper Common...

How can we successfully reduce drug supply waste and anticipate risk

Organised by Pharma IQ and S-Clinica on Wednesday 21st April 3pm - 4m we are hosting a private zoom meeting.Download the session information to find out more. 

How to Ensure Your Trial Management is Lean, Global and End-To-End Efficient: An Industry Analysis

Previous investment in the pharmaceutical research and development space reliably generated double digit returns year-on-year, but now, stagnation in the development and clinical space has led to returns of an average of 3%. Thereby ensuring your trial management and supply strategy is lean, global and end-to-end efficient has never been...

Optimising Your Clinical Trial Supply Through Innovative IT Solutions

We welcomed Ahn Louise Larsen, Senior Supply Chain Specialist, CMC Clinical Supplies - Supply Chain Optimisation and Solutions, Novo Nordisk to the Clinical Trial Supply Forum, which took place this May in Brussels. In this session she presented her expert insights into the optimisation of clinical trial supply forecasting and...

A Year On Year Comparison Of The Global Trends for Clinical Trials

Ahead of the Clinical Trial Supply Forum, experts from all regions and areas within clinical trial supply participated in our survey, to give us insight on the main logistical challenges that exist in global clinical trials. This survey looks at the main challenges and drivers which companies are facing and...