Change is inevitable, growth is optional. As the pharmaceutical industry continues to evolve, so do the challenges for achieving the safe and timely distribution of new products throughout the complex global supply chain. The growth of biologic based drugs has opened up a Pandora ’s Box of cold chain troubles. Biopharmaceuticals are extremely sensitive to temperature swings and other external factors with little room for distribution errors. Logistics, packaging, quality, security and clinical teams must work in sync to ensure that all factors along the supply chain are accounted for within their plans.

Teams much use the data available to its fullest advantage to defend temperature profiles against harsh regulatory scrutiny. There is a lot unknown about the stability of emerging biologic based products, therefore collaboration is key. A robust, fully optimized temperature controlled supply chain is the keystone to avoiding unnecessary product loss and quality issues at the patient level.

At the Spring iteration of our premier Cold Chain GDP & Temperature Management Logistics Global Forum we will leave no stone unturned by covering all the recurring and emerging pain points within your supply chains. Join us in California to:

  • Collaborate with all supply chain partners to increase visibility through to the last mile
  • Bridge the gap between your clinical and commercial supply chains to decrease delays
  • Hear crucial updates on global GDP regulations to remain compliant
  • Remove costly product loss through further defining your label claims and stability budgets
  • Justify shipping outside of label claims through stringent data analytics
  • Learn effective methods for scaling up for the commercialization of biologic drugs
  • Take a total cost of ownership approach to your packaging & transportation
  • Review trends in sustainability packaging and where to implement now

Our expert speaking faculty is carefully comprised of leaders from big & small pharma, biotechs, academia, and consortiums to bring you diverse perspectives on the biggest challenges. Between the hard-hitting sessions, detailed workshops, interactive roundtables, and multitude of networking opportunities, you will leave with the resources necessary to bring your operations to the next level. The future of pharmaceutical cold chain logistics is happening now… play a part in the progression!