Cold Chain Global Forum West Coast

February 25 - 27, 2020 | San Diego, CA

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The Cold Chain Global Forum West Coast event is returning to San Diego, Feb 25-27. Join us for the event integrating process and technology to create fit-for-purpose temperature-controlled supply chains.

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Innovation in Cold Chain Packaging

By Nicholas Basta, Pharmaceutical CommerceIt’s only a slight exaggeration to say that packaging for the life sciences cold chain advances as rapidly as, say, smartphones. Every year brings a new wave of designs, materials and service offerings. The comparison isn’t fair because, unl ...

Regulating the Pharma Cold Chain: Many Standards to Navigate

Trick question: how do we know that life sciences supply-chain managers love regulations? Answer: because they have so many of them! In a more serious vein, though, the plethora of regulations is a testament to how many different functions of modern manufacturing and logistics come into play with ...

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Articles, Interviews & Insights

Cold Chain 2030: The Personalized Medicine Supply Chain Challenges & Solutions

In this in-depth report, we explore how personalized medicine and disruptive technology such as AI, blockchain and advanced analytics are changing the life sciences temperature controlled supply chain landscape. 

Temperature Controlled Logistics in Life Sciences: 2019 Industry Report

For over a decade, we at Cold Chain Global Forum have been dedicated to connecting and educating supply chain leaders from across the biopharma world from small, biotech startups to publicly traded Big Pharma manufacturers. In an effort to shed light on where the industry is heading in 2019, we...

Supply Chain Strategy for Today’s Temperature Controlled Products

The following article by Nick Basta, Editor in Chief, Managing Partner and Founder of Pharmaceutical Commerce, lists out the factors that should go into every evaluation of supply chain options. 

Vendor Collaboration: Your Secret Weapon to Pharma Supply Chain Excellence

The pharmaceutical supply chain requires a myriad of partners to work as a cohesive unit. However, this is not always the case. Most companies have relationships built between different stakeholders at different times, competing agendas leadings to a variety of demands on vendors and an overlap of services from a...

Pharma Cold Chain 101: How to Hit the Ground Running

For those just starting out in temperature controlled supply, it can seem like a daunting task. With a complex vendor landscape, pressing operational challenges and a multitude of risks factors, it is far from an easy project.To help you succeed from the start, we spoke to Kevin Hickman, Senior Manager...

6 steps for Implementing New Tech Into the Pharma Supply Chain

The pharmaceutical industry is witnessing a period of high innovation, with new technologies emerging set to drastically impact the way we operate the supply chain. The proposed applications for drones, artificial intelligence, data analytics and blockchain are numerous. Currently, though, application has been fragmented as people set out to explore...

Past Presentations

The Electronic Logging Device Mandate

Presentation by Bill Mahorney, Chief, Enforcement Division FMCSA, Department of TransportationAs of December 18th, The ELD Mandate was passed in congress - the new rule mandates any driver required to previously keep a paper record of duty status must install an ELD (electronic logging device) in their vehicle which means...

KEYNOTE: The Cold Chain in the 2020’s

Discussing Blockchain, IOT, AI, and other technologies will radically transform the Pharmaceutical Cold Chain over the next 5-10 yearsDeveloping Blockchain Transformation StrategyOutlining Blockchain Procurement and Supply Chain ManagementAddressing the Blockchain Transformation of HealthcarePresentation by...Jack Shaw, Executive Director of the American Blockchain Council, Technology Futurist

Past Presentation Packet

This packet includes the following presentations from our 2019/2018 event series:Defining Strategies on How to Effectively Manage Suppliers by Luiz Barberini, Operations Manager, External Manufacturing Organization, Latin America, Bayer Consumer HealthCase Studies on Bulk Reusable Packaging and Real-Time Asset Tracking Technologies by Jennifer Antonetti, Sr. Supervisor Global Distribution Packaging & Shipping...


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