The Drug-Device Combination Products Market Report

The global drug device combination product market is expected to reach USD 177.7 billion by 2024. With input from Medical Device Manufacturers, Pharmaceuticals, Consultants and Solution Providers, this report will explore the key drivers and challenges faced in the drug-device combination products market. 

2019 Challenges and Opportunities in the Combination Products Market

Ensuring that combination products are effectively managed throughout their development, implementation, launch and post-market surveillance is critical to their long-term success in the market.

However, the interaction between medical device manufacturers and pharma companies arguably still has considerable room for improvement and both face various challenges throughout the product lifecycle. In order to facilitate an efficient development process and launch combination products successfully, the two partners must be fully aligned throughout the product lifecycle.

Ahead of the 2019 Combination Products Forum, Pharma IQ surveyed the industry experts to understand what are the biggest challenges faced by them at each stage of the lifecycle management as well as what’s stopping them from implementing new solutions.

Download this exclusive and new infographic to gain insights on: 

  • What are the biggest challenges affecting supply chain? 
  • What are the most difficult challenges in the regulatory landscape? 
  • What are the challenges with collaboration between medical device and pharmaceutical companies? 
  • What are the common issues with the usability of combination products? 
  • What are the problems with post-market surveillance?
  • What are the difficulties with implementing new solutions? 

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