Building Trust and Transparency through Robust Cosmetic Compliance Frameworks

Growing consumer knowledge and awareness is what only needed to push the approval of new regulations, but change the Cosmetic Industry all together. The industry's demanding regulations is becoming even more strict, as a response to thegrowing customer concern regarding the ingredients precedence and transparency requirements.

Cosmetic Compliance Spring 2020 will once again deliver senior executives from international and regional cosmetic companies, federal and state regulatory bodies and the cosmetic industry to brainstorm, benchmark and debate the impacts that new regulations are having on the market.

Introducing Cosmetic Compliance Spring 2020 Keynote Speaker: Kepal Dewan, Team Lead of the Cosmetics Division, FDA

Kapal Dewan is the Team Lead in the Office of Cosmetics and Colors (OCAC) at the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), where she oversees compliance-related activities for cosmetics to ensure that products marketed in the USA comply with FDA laws and regulations. Mrs. Dewan is actively involved in FDA's Nanotechnology Task Force activities and plays a key role in coordinating and leading nanotechnology initiatives at OCAC. She is the lead author of cosmetics nanotechnology guidance titles "Safety of Nanomaterials in Cosmetics." Prior to joining FDA Mrs. Dewan worked for ICF International, DuPont, Bristol-Myers Squibb and Merck. She has a duel career, having worked as a clinical
geneticist with Chritiana Health Care Systems for 10 years.

Why This Event Is Different

Brand New

Focusing on regulatory
updates, practical
case studies on CBD
product launch, and
practical lessons
on how to mitigate
regulatory and legal
risks for CBD products.

Pre-Conference Workshop Day

Sign up for our Pre-
Conference Workshop
Day with critical topics
on Social Media and
New Marketing Claims:
Learn How to Manage
Your Social Media
Collaborators, Going-
Green: A Sustainable
Cosmetics Manual 
a practical playbook
on how to add
greater value to your
organization by Getting
Yourself Onboard at the
Front End of Product

Brand New Plenary Sessions

Taking place both days sessions will focus on International, Federal and
State-driven regulatory
updates - But it goes
beyond this: Learn how
to apply these changes
specifically and practically
into your product lines
and strategy.

Targeted Topical Interactive Discussion groups

 Join multi-directional and
peer-to-peer perspectives
on the critical strategic and
tactical challenges including
sustainable packaging,
marketing claims, ingredient
control and compliance,
animal testing ban, Halal
certification, sunscreen and
children products.

Cosmetic Compliance Spring 2020 Industry Leaders

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Spring 2020 Agenda

Speaker: Dr. Paula Johnson, Chief of the CA Safe Cosmetic Program, CDPH

Anticipated Attendee Snapshot

CBD, Cosmetics & Compliance: What Beauty Brands Need to Know

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