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CBD in Cosmetics Focus Day

The Beauty Industry's obsession with CBD isn't slowing down. Cannabis has become one of the hottest ingredients in beauty, popping up in different types of skin care, cosmetics, and wellness supplements. As the consumer's interest in the plant's benefits increases rapidly the need for regulatory oversight and transparency is at...

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2020 Cosmetic Compliance Global Playbook

An Overview of 2019's Biggest Global Regulatory Changes!+ WHAT IT MEANS FOR THE YEAR AHEADIn between the passing of China's cosmetic reform legislation to the growing number of countries looking to ban animal testing, 2019 was a major year for cosmetic compliance. To ensure you start 2020 off on the...

Cosmetic Compliance Spring 2020 Official Press Release

The 12th Cosmetic Compliance Spring 2020 Summit will be held on April 28-30th in Los Angeles, California. The Summit will bring together federal and state lawmakers, regular affairs specialists from both big and indie cosmetic brands to discuss practical strategies to remain compliant in a constantly changing regulatory landscape. Check...

Cosmetic Compliance 2020 Industry Report

The cosmetic industry is poised to see 7% annual growth over the next five years and is expected to reach a market value of more than $800 billion by 2023. As the industry grows and welcomes new entrants, it is more important than ever for cosmetic stakeholders to comply with...

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FDA at Cosmetic Compliance: Kapal Dewan Information Session

Kepal Dewan, Team Lead of the Cosmetics Division for the FDA will be joining us at the Cosmetic Compliance Spring 2020 Summit this April 28-30 in Los Angeles! She will be leading a session on Updates on the FDA's 2020 Cosmetic Regulations and Priorities. Get to know more about Kepal,...

California Department of Health at Cosmetic Compliance Spring 2020

Dr. Paula Johnson, Chief of the California Safe Cosmetics Program at the CDPH will be the Cosmetic Compliance Spring 2020 speaker faculty this April 28-30 in Los Angeles!As part of her session. she will be providing udates on the California Safe Cosmetic Program and the California Safe Cosmetics Act.Get to know...

Dear Boss Letter

Download our Dear Boss Letter to gain a framework for articulating the value of attending Cosmetic Compliance Spring 2020Fully customizable, our "justification letter" also includes an interactive attendee ROI calculator to help you build your case to attend.

Anticipated Attendee Snapshot

Take a look at the industry professionals that attended last year - you can expect to see similar people this year! Don’t miss your opportunity to meet face-to-face with these decision-makers.

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Cosmetic Compliance 2019 Post Show Report

Find out who attended the 2019 Cosmetic Compliance Event Series as well as what they learned, how they benefited from attending and what to expect in 2020! To receive a hard copy please email

Top 5 Tips For Ensuring Your Influencer Marketing Campaigns Are In Compliance

Beauty brands were some of the first companies to leverage the power of “influencers” to create buzz and business on Instagram, YouTube, and other social media channels, and there’s no question that it’s paying off for them. “Influencer marketing” – where people with large followings on social media are paid...

CBD, Cosmetics & Compliance: What Beauty Brands Need to Know

Cannabis-infused personal care products have become one of the hottest trends in beauty, with mainstream companies, from Estee Lauder to Unilever, are vying to grab their share of the market. Analysts estimate the revenue generated by CBD skin care products in North America in 2019 to be around $645 million...

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Cosmetic Compliance Spring 2020 Sponsorship Prospectus

The beauty industry currently stands in a defining moment. With new products including CBD taking center-stage and increased regulatory oversight driven by consumers demanding greater transparency and visibility, regulatory compliance professionals have their work cut out for them to ensure that they remain compliant while being cost effective and innovative....


Taboo Cosmetic Ingredients: How Aware Are You?

 Ingredient-conscious consumers are beginning to dominate the cosmetics market as the general population becomes more aware of the social & health issues behind their favorite brands. This video breaks down some of the industry trends surrounding the use of taboo ingredients. For a copy sent to your inbox please email ...

Video Interview: How CBD Is Impacting the Cosmetics Industry

Cannabis has become the most talked-about ingredient in the skincare industry. In this interview, Matt Lewis, Managing Partner at Davis & Lewis, talks about how this trend is impacting the beauty industry.To receive a hard copy of the interview email

Past Presentations

Insights from On-site Packet 1 - Cosmetic Compliance Fall 2019

Presentations from Cosmetic Compliance Fall 2019- Presentation Packet- Includes:Indie Beauty Challenges, Advantages and StrategiesPresenter: Ayeyi AboagyeTitle: Sr. Regulatory ManagerCompany: Morphe Designing a Global Packaging & Labeling StrategyPresenter: Holly C. YoungTitle: PresidentCompany: H&Y Regulatory Graphics Consultants Navigating Global Expansion in the World of CosmeticsPresenter: Ian KupferbergTitle: Global Regulatory & Environmental AffairsCompany: Abercrombie & Fitch

Insights from On-site 2 - Cosmetic Compliance Fall 2019

PRESENTATIONS FROM COSMETIC COMPLIANCE FALL 2019- PRESENTATION PACKET- INCLUDES:Expanding into Emerging Markets Selling Cosmetics in ChinaPresenter: Naomi FurgiueleTitle: Chief Strategy and Technology OfficerCompany: Small World Brands Resources for Global Business DevelopmentPresenter: Tricia McLainTitle: Sr. International Trade Specialist U.S. Commercial ServiceCompany: U.S. Department of Commerce International Trade Administration  Navigating Federal and...