April 28-30 2020
Los Angeles, California

Building Trust and Transparency through Robust Compliance Frameworks

Cosmetic Compliance Spring 2020 will once again deliver senior executives from international and regional cosmetic companies, federal and state regulatory bodies and the cosmetic industry to brainstorm, benchmark and debate the impacts that new regulations are having on the market.

What’s New in 2020:

  Customized Educational Content:
  • Update on the FDA’s 2020 cosmetic regulations and priorities
  • Update on local California regulations and what this means for your organization
  • Deep dive focus day on CBD- How to set a roadmap and timetable for integrating CBD into your products and what are the regulations surrounding CBD?
  • Managing and streamlining claims in an increasingly disruptive environment
  • End-to-end compliance and stakeholder management
  • International regulatory and market developments updates- Hear perspectives from Asia, Europe and the Middle East
Professional and Personal Development Opportunities:
  • Learn from the best and obtain first-hand experience through our Cosmetic Compliance Peer-Mentoring Program onsite!  
  • Making the jump from indie cosmetic compliance to big brands? Broaden your skill sets and expertise by attending our pre-conference workshops and masterclass
  • Coaching sessions on how to speak executive language, and enhance your inter-departmental communication skills!
Revamped Overall Experience:
  • Walk away with tangible blueprints and templates from our speakers back to your workplace!
  • Escape with your team to Los Angeles in April, and participate in our pre-event team bonding activities
  • Early bird catches the worm: Join us for early morning relaxation activities on both days of the conference!
  • Birds of a feather Dinner: Not sure where to book dinner each night? Engage our concierge and sign up for our pre-reserved dinner venues to bring your teams and new found friends!

Introducing:  Kapal Dewan, Team Lead, Cosmetics Division, FDA

Kapal Dewan is the Team Lead in the Office of Cosmetics and Colors (OCAC) at the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), where she oversees compliance-related activities for cosmetics to ensure that products marketed in the USA comply with FDA laws and regulations. Mrs. Dewan is actively involved in FDA's Nanotechnology Task Force activities and plays a key role in coordinating and leading nanotechnology initiatives at OCAC. She is the lead author of cosmetics nanotechnology guidance titles "Safety of Nanomaterials in Cosmetics." Prior to joining FDA Mrs. Dewan worked for ICF International, DuPont, Bristol-Myers Squibb and Merck. She has a duel career, having worked as a clinical
geneticist with Chritiana Health Care Systems for 10 years.

Past Industry Speakers

speaker name

Ayeyi Aboagye

Sr. Regulatory Manager


speaker name

Aileen Taboy

Head of Regulatory


speaker name

Claire Bing

VP of Quality & Regulatory


speaker name

Qareena Ahsan

Regulatory Manager - New Product


speaker name

Darryl Do

Perfumer and Formulator

Delbia Do Fragrances

speaker name

Carol Brys

Director, Corporate Communications


speaker name

Naomi Gonzalez

Creative Director and Global Branding Manager

Le Petit Nails, LLC

speaker name

Ian Kupferberg

Global Regulatory & Environmental Affairs

Abercrombie & Fitch

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