Chairperson Role
During the main conference, a senior executive from Your Company will welcome all of the delegates to the conference and deliver an opening address. In addition, your chosen representative will introduce all of the speakers and be directly affiliated with the best practices and unique content of the program. All speaking content and executives must be approved by IQPC for appropriate content.

This is the most visible and prestigious position in our conference. The Chairperson becomes the “face” of the conference.  They will constantly be facing and addressing the audience throughout the conference. 

The Chairperson’s role begins at the opening of the conference day (early morning) and ends at its conclusion (late afternoon). They will open the conference with his remarks (typically 15 minutes). They will then proceed to introducing the opening session and/or the keynote speaker. 

The Chairperson offers a brief description of each speaker (we provide with all bios), and may even moderate some of the sessions. They will make all announcements in-between breaks, luncheons, etc. They will then close the conference by offering his closing remarks (around 15 minutes), synopsis etc.  In short, they are by far the most visible “persona” in the entire conference.

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Lanyard Sponsor 
Showcase your company name and logo on this year’s conference lanyards. This exclusive sponsorship will ensure that Your Company’s brand is “front of mind,” as every attendee at the conference will be wearing your company name around their necks throughout the entire conference. You may choose the color of the lanyard to match your company brand.  

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Badge Sponsor 
This exclusive sponsorship will allow you to capture the attention of everyone at the conference as Your Company’s company logo will appear on all name badges at the conference.  Having Your Company’s company logo branded on the most frequently looked at surfaces at the event is an ideal way to maximize exposure and promote activity at your booth. 

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