Donlene Nyazai

Vice President Global Regulatory Affairs Coats Natural Technology

Main Day One, Tuesday, September 28, 2020

Tuesday, September 29th, 2020

3:50 PM Ingredients awareness in a consumer-driven market

Education concerning ingredient myths and facts can highly impact the overall perception of products and their success. With large companies creating their own initiatives and symbols to indicate products-free of “blacklisted” ingredients this trend is catching on faster than the banishment of parabens. Knowledge gathered from paid social media influencers has begun to make everyone an “expert” on snake oil while companies scramble to remove preservatives that work, ingredients that create the whole textural effect, fragrances that don't compromise the formulas stability or appearance and active ingredients all because of trends or myths. All that is putting the pressure on regulatory agencies with the correct safety data concerning new ingredient approvals will greatly aid in global formula submission approvals. This session will discuss the possible ways to educate your customer and how to be prepared for media-forced updates. 

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