Preparing for an audit and ensuring 100% inspection readiness at all times across your clinical trials and TMFs is a difficult enough task at the best of times. Add to this remote working and digital audits and the landscape for ensuring GCP compliance has never been so difficult to navigate. This is why we will be bringing the TMF and GCP communities together this October 21-22nd for a dedicated ‘Digital Audit and GCP Compliance’ webinar that will look at answering your most pressing questions across the GCP space under Covid-19.

Across two half-day sessions, we will be giving you industry strategies and processes to benchmark against whilst providing real life digital audit examples to ensure that you stay inspection ready no matter the time, place or format!

Join us this October to engage with industry leaders and the whole of the Pharma IQ Clinical Trial and Inspection Readiness community to discuss strategies and digital solutions as an industry. While meeting in person might be difficult to plan for at the moment, we can still bring industry leading content, strategies and solutions to you – wherever you may be in the world!

Join our Community of Experts Including:

Connecting Industry Leaders Regardless of the Platform

Here at PharmaIQ we have been hosting digital webinars and events for the past 11 years so while we love nothing more than bringing together industry leaders to discuss their current projects, benchmark solutions and strategies and network in person we are delighted to say that we can still facilitate these conversations digitally for now given the climate. 

The impact of Covid-19 has had unprecedented impacts across the Pharma industry, and we are thrilled to still be able to bring the industry together in a time that matters most. Our GCP and TMF communities continue to engage with their network of peers through PharmaIQ regardless of the platform, and we are proud of the role that we play connecting industry leaders in the good times and the bad! We look forward to continuing this valuable tradition with our new digital format this October.